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Soulshine Cyclery Coffee | Congo | SOPACDI Co-Op | Micro-Station | Light Roast | Ground

Soulshine Cyclery Coffee | Congo | SOPACDI Co-Op | Micro-Station | Light Roast | Ground
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Flavor Profile - Sweet and forward with lemon and dried fruit tones backed by a cola, caramelized sugar, and herb infused body that all transition to a short and exceptionally clean finish.

SOPACDI Co-op | Kalungu-Mpumbi Micro-Station

Roast: Light

Process: Fully washed and sun dried on raised screens

Producers: 60 smallholder members of SOPACDI delivering to Mpumbi Micro-Station

Region: Birambo Village, Kalehe Territory, South-Kivu Province

Elevation: 2000 meters above sea level

Variety: Blue Mountain, Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Kabare 2

More Information about the coffee

Interestingly, instead of building blended lots from the entire cooperative at the central dry mill as in past years, SOPACDI decided to segregate the best cherry from each of their micro washing-stations into micro-lots for 2020. At Kalungu-Mpumbi, the cherry is depulped the day it is delivered, then dry-fermented for 12 hours. Then it spends 12 hours wet-fermenting in water before being passed through the washing canal, it is then soaked for an additional 12 hours. The coffee is dried on raised beds under a cover of shade for 14–20 days. Kalung-Mpumbi serves 60 producers, including 13 women. The group holds about 47 total hectares of coffee farmland, which is just over an average of 2/3 of a hectare or 1.65 acres per producer.

More information about the Co-op

This is a story of high-quality fair-trade coffee making a critical difference in the lives of coffee farmers. Situated on the shores of Lake Kivu and founded in 2003, SOPACDI (Solidarité Paysanne pour la Promotion des Actions Café et Développement Intégral) was the first Congolese cooperative to earn Fair Trade certification. It wasn’t easy; in addition to politically driven violence disrupting the life circumstances of the member farmers-many of the women farmers are widows, it prevented fair-trade inspectors and coffee buyers from visiting the cooperative. To overcome this hurdle, the cooperative was granted an unprecedented exemption to complete the entire process by document and media inspection. In the following years, with investments of their fair trade premium and support from different organizations, the cooperative -- with over 3,200 members, of which an estimated 600 are women -- has built its capacity to produce and export coffee to the highest of international standards.

Currently, one woman holds a seat on the board of the co-op but SOPACDI plans to take matters a step further by incorporating gender equity in all SOPACDI’s activities and supporting the development of a market for woman’s coffee, so that women farmers can benefit directly from the crops they produce.

-Certified Organic

-Fair Trade


-All 1 pound orders packaged in compostable kraft paper bags (100% compostable after label removal)

Please specify preferred grind in the comments section of your order. If Fine, Drip, or Coarse is not specified, your coffee will be Drip or medium grind.

Fine: Pour over
Drip: Auto-drip pot
Coarse: French press/Cold press