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Soulshine Cyclery Coffee | Costa Rica | Tarrazu | Monarca | Washed | Whole Bean

Soulshine Cyclery Coffee | Costa Rica | Tarrazu | Monarca | Washed | Whole Bean
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Flavor Profile: Deluxe flavors of passion fruit and hibiscus with rich, creamy chocolate like body and a balanced long finish.

Costa Rica | Tarrazu | Monarca

-Roast: Light

-Region: Cantón de Desamparados, Distrito Frailes, San José

-Process: fully washed, sun-dried

-Elevation: 1,250 - 1,500 meters

-Variety: Catuai, Caturra

More About this Coffee

Before this delicious coffee reaches your cup, harvested coffee cherry is delivered to Beneficio Organico de AFORCA and processed using environmentally friendly equipment. The cherry is floated and sorted according to density, removing the damaged and less dense coffee. Coffee is then de-pulped and mechanically washed with an eco-friendly demucilager. Next, the beans are dried on patios and raised beds, then stored and prepared for export. What results is a sweet coffee with fruit notes, floral tones, rich creaminess, and a semi-sweet chocolate finish.

More About this Farm

Our latest Costa Rican coffee is a product of passion, family, resilience, and inspiring adaptation in the face of climate change. Roberto Fabrizzio Marín Jiménez was hooked on farming at the age of 13. His father, Roberto Marín Piedra, was a bit of a superstar among Costa Rican producers, so it came as no surprise when Roberto junior (Fabrizzio) adopted his father’s passion for farming. (Fabrizzio) inherited his father’s 30-acre farm, Las Gravilias, and has since continued his father's legacy of passionate, environmentally conscious farming that produces delicious Costa Rican coffee.

At Las Gravilias this passion takes many forms - both in processing and in environmental impact - including the great care invested in diversity of shade cover. Likewise, organic practices are extensive, with liquid biofertilizers used to overcome the set of distinct pressure points Las Gravilias faces in the wake and anticipation of climate change and disease control. This specificity, thoughtfulness and expertise in farming is likewise matched by expert processing skills at Beneficio Orgánico de AFAORCA, where harvested cherries are processed using state-of-the-art environmentally friendly equipment. What results is a coffee which more than represents the best of Costa Rican coffee farming, processing, and savor-ability.

- Fair Trade Certified

- Organic Certified

- Kosher

-All 1 pound orders packaged in compostable kraft paper bags (100% compostable after label removal)

Whole Bean.