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Coffee | Ethiopia | Yirgacheffe - Bedhatu Jibicho - Dark Roast | Ground

 Coffee | Ethiopia | Yirgacheffe - Bedhatu Jibicho - Dark Roast | Ground
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Flavor Profile: Notes of candied strawberry and juicy peach, all wrapped up in the vicious, golden body of this classic dark roast.

Roast: Dark

Region: Gedeb District, Gedeo Zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region, Ethiopia (one of the regions historically referred to as Yirgacheffe in the coffee trade).

Farmer: Bedhatu Jibicho

Process: Dried in the cherry on raised beds in the sun

Altitude: 1800 - 1900 meters

Variety: Indigenous heirloom varieties

More Info About This Coffee

This natural/dry processed coffee, produced by Bedhatu Jibicho, was harvested from October through December, then sun-dried on whole cherry raised beds.

More info about the farmer

Bedahtu and her husband started their farm in the 1960's, she has been the principle manger for over 50 years with increasing help from her children. They plan on using the price premiums they are currently receiving to expand production and start an export company.

-All 1 pound orders packaged in compostable kraft paper bags (100% compostable after label removal)

Please specify preferred grind in the comments section of your order. If Fine, Drip, or Coarse is not specified, your coffee will be Drip or medium grind.

Fine: Pour over
Drip: Auto-drip pot
Coarse: French press/Cold press