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Soulshine Cyclery Coffee | Mexico | El Triunfo Reserve | Medium Roast | Ground

Soulshine Cyclery Coffee | Mexico | El Triunfo Reserve | Medium Roast | Ground
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FLAVOR PROFILE Clean, apricot and cherry toned acidity with full chocolate laced body, and a soft and sweet finish.

ROAST Medium
REGION El Castaño, Chiapas
PROCESS Fully Washed, Sun Dried
ELEVATION 1618 meters
VARIETY Bourbon, Arabe, Mundo Novo

This is the 5th year in a row we’ve purchased coffee from the El Triunfo project and we're already look forward to the 2017 crop. For us it’s a no brainer: the member farmers are not only committed to continually improving cup quality through technical education, facility upgrades and an ever-increasing attention to lot selection based on cup quality. Their commitment to sustainable agro-forestry is proved by their maintenance of bio-corridors through their farms and the multi-species shade canopy over their coffee trees to create a true buffer zone for the bordering El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve-- home of Mesoamerica’s largest contiguous Cloud Forest.
In addition to the Fair-Trade price paid to the coop, we pay an additional $.20 per pound for a quality and buffer-zone maintenance incentive. Finally, a third premium is paid for the farmer specific lots that we occasionally buy.

-Fair Trade
-All 1 pound orders packaged in compostable kraft paper bags (100% compostable after label removal)

Please specify preferred grind in the comments section of your order. If Fine, Drip, or Coarse is not specified your coffee will be Drip or medium grind.

Fine: Pour over
Drip: Auto-drip pot
Coarse: French press/Cold press